Updated course file

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Here is an updated link to the 100mile course  that better reflects the amount of unpaved roads on the course. Hope this helps.


T-Shirts and Hoodies are live!

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We’re doing t-shirts and hoodies again this year! They are live on the BikeReg.com site to order when you register. The shirts are only $12 and the hoodies are $24. They’re printed locally right here in Honesdale, PA by Platform Industries! Shirts must be ordered BEFORE September 9th for guaranteed delivery at the ride.


Main Street venue!

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We’re bringing it back to Main St, Honesdale! This year Scarfalloto’s Towne House Diner, 920 Main St, Honesdale, PA, will be hosting the Maple City Century on their outdoor patio. We’ll have a special menu made for us so everyone gets fresh, made-to-order food when they’re ready. The full menu will also be available. We’re still working to nail down a local beer sponsor so stay tuned for more updates! There will be TONS of downtown parking this year and we’ll have access to additional facilities as well. The plan is to have a local coffee roaster on hand in the morning so everyone can get that last sip of delicious bean juice before they roll out.

Number Seven!

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This will be the SEVENTH edition of the Maple City Century! Check back here for updates as they become available. You can also find us on Facebook  or register over at BikeReg.com.